terms and conditions
STOF & STIL/SELFMADE® DESIGN competition 2022

To enter the competition, you need to attend an accredited design school in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, or Austria.

Way of submission is to send us your sketched design idea with a mood board together with a description of you and your idea. It is optional whether you want to present your idea via video.

Every design entry must be submitted with a full name of the student, address and name of design school attended.

Information about name and address will be used to return the design, should the participant be selected to make the design into a finished product.

Information about the design school attended is to confirm that the participant is a design student.

All participants are welcome to collect fabric samples for their mood board in any STOFF & STIL/Selfmade® store. Please ask our staff and they will be happy to help.

All submitted design work in connection with the competition will be handled professionally by members of staff at STOFF & STIL/Selfmade®.

All submitted design ideas received up until December 31st 2021 will be part of the competition.

An in-house panel of judges comprising two designers, a pattern maker and country managers from all respective countries will review each design submission and notify all participants by email by January 14th, letting them know if they have been selected.

All participants selected for the next stage will be asked to make up/ sew their design idea and send it to our head office in Birk, Herning:

STOFF & STIL Att. Customer Services Birk Centerpark 82 7400 Herning

It is also possible to hand in the design in our physical stores.

All participants entering stage two of the competition will be handed an allowance of 135 euro to use in a local STOFF & STIL/Selfmade® store. Stores will be sent a list of all participants, whereafter the student, by showing their study ID, will be able to provide themselves with materials needed for the design.

STOFF & STIL/Selfmade® must have the sampled design idea in hand by February 28th 2022 the latest.

When entering the competition, the participant accepts that STOFF & STIL/Selfmade® can keep the sampled design idea until the winner has been selected. STOFF & STIL/Selfmade® will return each design received unless a future collaboration is agreed upon.

The participant also accepts to have their design presented in STOFF & STIL/Selfmade’s idea books as well as online and on social media. The name of the participant will always be mentioned in connection with the design as well as their Instagram profile name and they will also tagged.

On March 8th 2022 the panel of judges will select the three finalists. Following will be an online meeting on March the 24th 2022 with the three finalists each of them presenting the thoughts behind their design and a little bit about themselves.

Based on this online meeting the winner will be selected and notified by phone on March 31st 2022. The two finalists will also be notified by phone the same day.

The winner of the competition will receive a cheque worth 13.500 euro and a collaboration with STOFF & STIL/Selfmade’s designers and pattern makers working to turn their design into a sewing pattern ready for sale in stores and online.

STOFF & STIL/Selfmade® retains the rights for the pattern and all following sale of the pattern.

The winner is announced on social media at a later visit to STOFF & STIL/Selfmade’s head office in Herning, where the press will also be attending.

The winning design is not revealed until the pattern is ready for sale which will likely be in the Spring of 2023. It will be presented in a STOFF & STIL/Selfmade® idea book, online and on social media.

For further questions please write to designcompetition@stoffstil.com.